Thursday, March 22, 2012

BYE BYE BIRDY: Toxic Bird Seed Knowingly Sold By Scotts

Just Say Hell No to Scotts & Miracle Grow

by Paul E. McGinniss

Yo, Bird! Hope You're not Chowing Down on That Yummy Poison From Scotts! Pic via Grist. (Thank you Grist I love Your Site)

Well it's no miracle that the company behind "miracle grow" wants you to think that getting that perfect looking lawn is so easy and good for you! Yes - it's a miracle! Look how easy it is. Just pour on the chemicals! Thank you Scotts for helping us out Jones the Jones next door.


I just read on GRIST that Scotts has pleaded guilty to charges that the company illegally put insecticides in its “Morning Song” and “Country Pride” brands of bird seed. I am just flabbergasted that any company would deliberately coat products intended for birds to eat with substances toxic to birds and wildlife. Why? Apparently they didn't want the bird seed to be eaten by bugs! has reported:

The single biggest problem we face in the gardening industry is the marketing muscle of Scotts and related synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, according to Charles L. Batcheler, a longtime buyer for Merrifield Garden Center in Virginia. Batcheler said: "We sell all sorts of natural, safer products for the garden. They won't hurt your pets and children. They're better for the environment by far. But as long as Scotts spends millions and millions of dollars on television advertising, we're not going to be able to convince everyone that there's a better way of gardening than Scotts' four-step plan."

Grist also reported: "In addition to the bird seed, Scotts is in big trouble for selling chemical-loaded gardening products without first obtaining registration from the EPA. The federal government alleges that a Scotts manager even went so far as to fabricate documents and correspondence with the agency."


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Sunday, March 18, 2012

SPARK: New Green Drinks NYC Event Series

March 26th Green Drinks NYC Event Features Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen, co-founders of The 5 Gyres Institute.

Posted by Paul E. McGinniss

On March 26th in NYC I am guest hosting an event featuring the husband and wife dynamic duo, Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen, co-founders of The 5 Gyres Institute. The mission of The 5 Gyres Institute is to conduct research and raise awareness about the global impact of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. To understand the impact of plastic pollution, Anna and Marcus study the 5 subtropical gyres of plastic pollution that have accumulated in the oceans by bravely sailing through them, gathering and studying data.

Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen, co-founders of The 5 Gyres Institute

The accumulation of plastic in the oceans, most of which originates from land based sources, is having adverse long term effects on sea life, as well as humans. One of the major problems with waste plastic ending up in the oceans is that the plastic degrades into smaller particles that are eaten by birds and sea life who mistake it for food. In addition to harming wildlife, this toxic plastic can also become part of the human food chain as it is eaten by fish. This chain of toxicity is similar to how dangerous levels of mercury are found in fish as a result of pollution emanating from industrial activity, including coal fired power plants, that finds its way into our waterways.

In addition to highlighting the problems associated with plastic in the sea, 5 Gyres employs strategies to eliminate the accumulation of plastic pollution in oceans.

Plastic particles from the ocean. Pic Courtesy 5 Gyres.

The goal of 5 Gyres is to stop the flow of plastic to the sea and eliminate plastic pollution in the oceans by advocating new materials, better designed products, fair legislation and consumer education. 5 Gyres also aids post-consumer cleanup efforts by focusing on coastal and island debris removal and mitigation.

Please come meet Eco-heroes, Anna and Marcus, in NYC and learn more about their incredible, inspiring work and how we can all help to make a difference. The event takes place at the TOTO showroom in SoHo from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Make Reservations and Check Out Details Here.

Check out Dr. Marcus Eriksen talking about Plastic in the Ocean on The Martha Stewart Show.

Just back from his 2008, 2000 mile voyage from California to Hawaii on a craft made of 15,000 bottles & half a Cessna airplane, Marcus Eriksen, PhD tackles his biggest challenge yet - Martha Stewart!