Friday, May 27, 2011

Toronto Green Finds: Blog BEC Green Is A Must Read

Could the Jetson Green of Canada be BEC Green?

Photo of Royal Ontario Museum, (ROM), Toronto

Before my journey to cover "Living the Green Life" in Toronto, I discovered, while surfing the web, a kindred spirit by the name of Cathy Rust. Cathy is author of the excellent blog BEC Green. The tag line for BEC is "Locating Green Building Materials Just Got Easier" and it's full of insight and information that made me an immediate fan.

While in Toronto, fellow journalist, Lisa Davis, Cathy and I had the most invigorating conversation with Andrew Knox and Martina Rowley from Transition Toronto over some java.

Cathy Rust of BEC Green across from ROM in Toronto.

Thanks to everyone who helped facilitate an amazing trip to Toronto,especially SeeToronto, Melanie Coates and the Fairmont Royal York.

There are many amazing green things happening in Toronto. Anyone looking for a cool place to go should check out this multi-cultural city on the shores of magnificent Lake Ontario. Look forward to my next posts about Green Roofs in Toronto. I'll also be telling you more about the bee keeping at the hotel, Fairmont Royal York, which is part of a network of creative Toronto locavores harvesting honey!!!

Melanie Coates, Director of Public Relations for the Fairmont Royal York, in her bee keeping suit as we head up to the 14th floor roof where the bee hives are kept. One of the honey bee hives on top of the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto is called "Honey Moon Suite" and the views are sweet as well! Bee keeper Melanie reported that the Fairmont bees even socialize with bees tended by a nearby opera company.

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  1. Toronto is an amazing city full of green places with green events happening regularly and where many ´green - hearted´ people live. It is just admirable what all of these motivated volunteers from various organizations did and are doing. One would wish to witness such sincere activity in many other cities which desperately need an green injection.