Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Green Drinks NYC SPARK Speaker Series: Fukusima, Indian Point and the Future of Energy, Tuesday February 25th at The Moderns!

Green Drinks NYC, The Moderns and Paul E McGinniss invite you to a lively evening at our SPARK SPEAKER SERIES with a focus on Japan's Fukushima Reactor disaster and New York's Indian Point Nuclear Reactor and how to manifest a green energy future.

"Three Years After Fukushima:  Lessons Learned from the Disaster and The Future of Indian Point" featuring Ed Lyman from Union of Concerned Scientists, Philip Musegaas from Riverkeeper and journalist Susan Q. Stranahan.  

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima continues to unfold nearly three years after that fateful day, March 11, 2011. The lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of Japanese have been irreparably harmed with devastating human, economic and environmental consequences. Here in the United States, what lessons have we heeded from this disaster? What are U.S. regulators doing to better protect the hundreds of millions of Americans who live near one of the nation's 100 operating nuclear reactors, including the Indian Point nuclear plant, 38 miles north of New York City? What are some of the known risks at the Indian Point plant and what is being done to address them?

Edwin Lyman is a, nationally recognized nuclear power safety expert from the Union of Concerned Scientists and the author (with Dave Lochbaum and Susan Q. Stranahan) of the Feb, 2014 book, Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster. He will be joined by Philip Musegaas, Hudson River Program Director for Riverkeeper, New York's leading clean water advocacy group. Riverkeeper has a long history of work on Indian Point safety and environmental issues, including its current active legal challenge to Indian Point's re-licensing by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  Also joining Edwin and Philip will be journalist Susan Q. Stranahan.

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